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Month: September, 2014

If on a wiseacre’s nightlife a treadmill

Thoughts on Six Selections by the Oulipo. The title of these paragraphs was created using one of the Oulipo constraints, known as the N+7 or noun plus seven. In this case, the title of one of Calvino’s books – If on a winter’s night a traveler –was submitted to one of their rules, and, each […]

Pergamon. Brillo Boxes. Contexts.

Comments on Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art In the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. First, I would like to state that in the following paragraphs I will be writing from the point of view of the time I live in and from the experience that I have acquired during the constitution of my faculties. This […]


Since I arrived in New York, I’ve started analysing and comparing objects and practices that are different from where I come from. One of the things that definitely stands out is the credit card machine you see on store cashiers. In Brazil the act of paying used to be the same that it is here […]

PComp Labs » Week 3


storyboard » rough

  First version of the storyboard. Since we’re doing some interviews, it is kind of unpredictable how much time each scene will take, so we can’t pre-define an exact duration to our shots . However, we can establish an initial structure for the mini-doc.

ICM » week 3

  For this week’s sketch, I thought of working with sound. Since I’ve worked before with the Minim Library and FFT analysis that wasn’t a problem. It was a good place to start dealing with creating functions and the ‘for’ loop though. Next week I’ll try to work on a sketch with the same principles, […]

PComp Labs » Week 2



  Because of the amplification and the tactile quality of it, you can hear the very sort of characteristics of each player. People have just tried to stretch the limits, come up with new techniques – there’s always something new that other people are bringing to the table. That is to be reckoned with very […]

The Untainted Sound

in progress…

n + 7

Collaboration with In Young Song. The OuLiPo « workshop for potential literature » established constraints in writing techniques as means of coming up with new ideas while developing works. N + 7 « noun plus seven » was one of the restrictions used. We thought this small exercise would be great to explore the difference […]