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Month: September, 2015

project development studio : update

This past week I worked on the second instrument for NIME. After observing the effect that the DC motor had on the guitar pickups, I decided to incorporate that in this second prototype. So, for this one I didn’t use any strings to produce sound. By altering the speed of the motors I realised the […]

homemade hardware : 2-3

Last week’s circuit turned into an schematic on Eagle. And the homemade Arduino bootloader shield! I got the wrong crystal oscillator though, will change it as soon as possible.

project development studio : the funeral of horses

It all started with the proposal of creating a musical instrument and performing with it. At first, I was into Deleuze and Guattari’s A Thounsand Plateaus and their concept of rhizome. The idea, back then, was to come up with what I perceived as a “rhizomatic instrument”, that would have various points all connecting with […]

homemade hardware : week 1

For this week’s assignment we had to burn the bootloader on the ATTiny85 using the Arduino Uno as the programmer. The steps were pretty straight forward. It is cool to know that we can now reduce even more the size of our projects. I thought the Arduino Pro Mini was the smaller we could get […]