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Et ignotas animum dimittit in artes « And he turned his mind to unknown arts »

the paradox of sisyphus

* The myth to be discussed in this text narrates the story of Sisyphus, the king of Ephyra, who was convicted to roll an immense boulder up to the top of a mountain. As he was approaching the summit, the rock would roll back to its initial point. Thus, Sisyphus didn’t have a choice but […]

o paradoxo de sísifo

* O mito a ser tratado narra a história de Sísifo, que foi condenado a carregar uma grande pedra até o topo de uma montanha. Ao se aproximar do cimo da mesma, a pedra sempre rolaria de volta para o ponto inicial. E assim, Sísifo não teria escolha senão recomeçar sua tarefa, que nunca se […]

thoughts and notes on pcomp final

» The wind howls before the animal. The thunder growls before the bear.*   » ‘And the wind was like the regret for what is no more, like the anxiety of creatures not yet formed, laden with memories, swollen with forebodings, made up of wounded souls and useless wings.” – Gabriele d’Annunzio   » Shapeless […]

PComp Final Project » Concept

I have always been intrigued by the possibility of generating sound from relating disconnected factors that, at first, seem completely unrelated. It is not a secret that sound is a major subject of my work, as an artist, designer and musician. That said, this opportunity of developing a work that requires the exploration of all the […]

Thoughts on Sisyphus

A obra incita um discurso de comum abordagem na arte contemporânea – atua no paradoxo do absurdo e do inconcebível. Entretanto, não é uma tentativa de desvendá-lo ou até mesmo trilhar caminhos que levem ao encontro de uma única resposta. Pelo contrário, aborda o mito de Sísifo ao posicionar o absurdo à frente do sujeito. É […]


If on a wiseacre’s nightlife a treadmill… I love this: ” The attempt to live under the premises of rigor is a defiant act” yes it is… and ” it takes a lot of courage to do it” Also I like your description of what reading the Calvino meant to you. Now, here’s a question. […]

If on a wiseacre’s nightlife a treadmill

Thoughts on Six Selections by the Oulipo. The title of these paragraphs was created using one of the Oulipo constraints, known as the N+7 or noun plus seven. In this case, the title of one of Calvino’s books – If on a winter’s night a traveler –was submitted to one of their rules, and, each […]

Pergamon. Brillo Boxes. Contexts.

Comments on Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art In the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. First, I would like to state that in the following paragraphs I will be writing from the point of view of the time I live in and from the experience that I have acquired during the constitution of my faculties. This […]


  Because of the amplification and the tactile quality of it, you can hear the very sort of characteristics of each player. People have just tried to stretch the limits, come up with new techniques – there’s always something new that other people are bringing to the table. That is to be reckoned with very […]