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If on a wiseacre’s nightlife a treadmill… I love this: ” The attempt to live under the premises of rigor is a defiant act” yes it is… and ” it takes a lot of courage to do it” Also I like your description of what reading the Calvino meant to you. Now, here’s a question. […]

If on a wiseacre’s nightlife a treadmill

Thoughts on Six Selections by the Oulipo. The title of these paragraphs was created using one of the Oulipo constraints, known as the N+7 or noun plus seven. In this case, the title of one of Calvino’s books – If on a winter’s night a traveler –was submitted to one of their rules, and, each […]

Pergamon. Brillo Boxes. Contexts.

Comments on Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art In the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. First, I would like to state that in the following paragraphs I will be writing from the point of view of the time I live in and from the experience that I have acquired during the constitution of my faculties. This […]