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energy final

After a lot of pondering, I chose to work with an extremely low-power circuit instead of using the real time clock module and keeping track of time. In that way, the amount of current needed while the system is in sleep mode is approximately 11mA, which will maintain the battery on for a long time. […]

energy final : progress

The circuit for the final is almost done. It consists mainly of an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V, the Real Time Clock from Sparkfun and the EasyDriver stepper controller. Connected to the Voltaic V15 battery, the driver can be powered by 5V and still provide the regulated voltage to feed the microcontroller. For the clock I […]

energy : solar challenge documentation

The solar challenge reached its end. Please refer to this link for a more in depth understanding of the components of the circuit. The final circuit is drawing 5.94 mA while in sleep mode, using the JeeLib, and when writing to the card it goes up to 22 mA. I ended up using the 6W Voltaic Systems […]

energy : final pitch

  sol a drawing machine that takes one year to achieve completion For the final project I will build a solar powered system that will use the length of a full year to draw a circle. I wanted to work on a project that was disconnected from the grid and could live almost on its […]

solar challenge : progress

The goal of this solar challenge is to keep it simple and stick to the requirements. In my opinion this is a great way to learn various tools that will be extremely useful in the future. The idea is to log small variations of the Earth’s movement and its atmosphere – I don’t even know […]

energy final : tests

I started putting together some components to see how the circuit for the final may look like. To begin, I connected the stepper motor to the EasyDriver and Arduino. At first I thought the easy driver wouldn’t be enough to run my motor (400 steps/rev 3V 1.7A) because it can only output 750mA, but surprisingly […]

kinetic challenge

objective // Generate and/or store energy by converting Kinetic energy (for a maximum of 30 seconds) into electrical energy in order to power a light source for as long as possible. process // For the kinetic challenge I worked alongside Craig Pickard.  Our initial concept focused on the conversion of gravitational potential energy (GPE) to […]

kinetic challenge : progress

Craig and I have been working on a gearbox that will be our mechanism for this challenge. We’ll eventually attach some weights to the big gear in order to make it run by itself. But, before doing this, we’ve assembled a couple of prototypes that allowed us to perceive the issues that this approach my […]