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Hearing The Grass Grow

by João Costa and Jordan Backhus Out of human sight, there exists an immeasurable, age-old community of intelligent life that helps support and replenish human existence and Earth’s natural resources. Mycelium, the vegetative part of fungus and the fruit of which are mushrooms, form fungal networks that can cover as much as thousands of acres, […]

final project progress

After realising that extracting sounds out of growing mycelium might be a difficult task, Jordan and I are planning to investigate the conceptual side of this act instead of trying to pursue a more technical and straight-forward path. In that way, we came up with some pertinent questions that can be faced as guidelines to […]

fungus . project proposal

Jordan and I came up with a work that will exist to evidence an aspect of fungi that would otherwise be unnoticed: the sound. We are moving towards the creation of our own ecological environment, that’ll inhabit an acrylic enclosure. Inside that ‘terrarium’ of mycelium, we plan to spread a couple of contact microphones – […]

Ideas for Final Project

On Feb 1, 2015, at 6:42 PM, Jordan Backhus <> wrote: For curiosity’s sake, I think — either way — we should record the acoustics of our mycological growths in an anechoic chamber or the like; the results could be fascinating, and I am curious what we’ll discover, though I imagine our soundtrack will sound […]

before fungus

The name by itself is quite intriguing. But, apart from that, I have some other interests in researching fungus. As an artist, I believe that placing myself in paths that I can’t really see where it leads is a great practice, and that might be the main reason why I’m here. Studying the peculiarities and idiosyncrasies […]