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homemade hardware : first board

For my first board I decided to make the bootloader shield we’ve made in the previous weeks. Since I’ll probably be using this shield a lot, I thought making it look nicer than the one in the purfboard would be a step forward and a great exercise for learning how to use the OtherMill. At […]

homemade hardware : 2-3

Last week’s circuit turned into an schematic on Eagle. And the homemade Arduino bootloader shield! I got the wrong crystal oscillator though, will change it as soon as possible.

homemade hardware : week 1

For this week’s assignment we had to burn the bootloader on the ATTiny85 using the Arduino Uno as the programmer. The steps were pretty straight forward. It is cool to know that we can now reduce even more the size of our projects. I thought the Arduino Pro Mini was the smaller we could get […]