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PComp Final » Progress

Motor Mount Studies:   Motor Mount Final:     Circuit Assembly:     Circuit Final w/ enclosure:

PComp » Final – Circuit development

Lot of stuff going on. First of all, the project has a title: “and the wind was like the regret for what is no more.” I got all the wires from the motors soldered. After I did it, I started putting together all the components for the circuit test. Oh, I decided to hook up […]

PComp Final » Motor Stand & First Circuit

After trying a couple ways of attaching the motor directly to the bottle, I realized that making a stand for the motor separate from it would be a better solution. Even further, the answer I came to is more elegant than the previous one. The picture above shows one of my attempts to place the motor in […]

PComp Final » Wind Vane + Motor Test

Motor working via wind vane data.  

PComp Final » Wind Vane Test

This is the result of the very first sketch I tried on my new wind vane. The reading is quite complicated. The wind vane, instead of similar to a potentiometer, is a group of 8 switches that turn on an off, depending on the wind direction, varying the voltage. I used a pull-up resistor of […]

thoughts and notes on pcomp final

» The wind howls before the animal. The thunder growls before the bear.*   » ‘And the wind was like the regret for what is no more, like the anxiety of creatures not yet formed, laden with memories, swollen with forebodings, made up of wounded souls and useless wings.” – Gabriele d’Annunzio   » Shapeless […]

PComp Final Project » Concept

I have always been intrigued by the possibility of generating sound from relating disconnected factors that, at first, seem completely unrelated. It is not a secret that sound is a major subject of my work, as an artist, designer and musician. That said, this opportunity of developing a work that requires the exploration of all the […]

Synthesizer Demo

  This is the outcome of the Physical Computing mid-term. The synth has a full diatonic scale composed of twelve pushbuttons, four knobs (amplitude, wave, cutoff frequency and resonance) and a light dependent resistor that controls the pitch bend. All connected to Arduino and communicating to Processing via serial. Processing is responsible for generating sound […]

Synthesizer » Construction

Synthesizer » Construction

These are pictures of the construction of the mini-synthesizer. It shows the recently soldered sensors: twelve pushbuttons that composes a diatonic scale, four potentiometers (amplitude, wave, cutoff frequency and resonance) and an LDR for the theremin-like pitch bend. We’re one step away from the goal line.