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a drawing machine that takes one year to achieve completion

For the final project I will build a solar powered system that will use the length of a full year to draw a circle. I wanted to work on a project that was disconnected from the grid and could live almost on its own, the sun being its only dependence. A project like this not only practically, but also in the conceptual scope, must occur in a really slow tempo, it asks for an specific time. And that time is the duration the Earth takes to orbit around the Sun, which occurs in the course of one year. I believe this work, above all, is about the poetic of movement – small steps that can barely be noticed – or even that can’t be perceived, unless you give time for it to happen.

What differentiates a circle made in five minutes, from a circle made in a year? We have been fascinated by the increase of speed technology allow us to obtain, but this time I want to explore precision in a long period of time, and this will have to be made in an accurately way. It is amazing how a ‘slow project’ has a lot of issues attached to it, whereas if this was a fast-paced work it would’ve been much more easier in a lot of ways. I believe dynamics here are quite intriguing – how the energy source that moves the mechanism is kind of accompanying the work, they’re both resonating and it one is almost an extension to the other.

materials »

+ stepper motor 400 steps / rev - $16.95

+ sparkfun easy driver - $14.95

+ arduino pro mini 3.3v – $9.95

+ real time clock – $14.95

+ 6 watt solar charger kit – FREE (thanks Voltaic Systems!)

+ 8b pencil – $1.50

+ metal rod – ?

+ paper – ?

≅ $80.00