project development studio : fabrication update

by admin

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on the fabrication of the instrument. I have two modules fully assembled and working as expected. Since I have all the pieces for the modules ready, now it is only a matter of assembling each one of them.

Right now I’m working on the mount for the modules. I thought of making stands out of steel rectangular tubes and wood. Each stand will group five modules, therefore preserving the mobility of the project.

– Below are some pictures of the two modules and some renders of the mount –

IMG_1363 IMG_1364 IMG_1365MountHorses_2015-Nov-18_04-56-49AM-000_FRONT MountHorses_2015-Nov-18_04-56-49AM-000_HOME MountHorses_2015-Nov-18_04-56-49AM-000_RIGHT MountHorses_2015-Nov-18_04-56-49AM-000_TOP MountHorses_2015-Nov-18_05-11-46AM-000_CustomizedView21829988 MountHorses_2015-Nov-18_05-15-34AM-000_CustomizedView20159904