project development studio : update

by admin

I have finally defined how the instrument will look like. I’ll be working with a modular installation consisting of twenty modules. Each one of them will have two guitar strings, making it a forty strings total. I think working with modules will end up being a good choice since, as soon as I figure out how to build one, I’ll just need to replicate the others.

At first I thought of having the motor on top of the guitar pickup to cause the interference I experienced on my first experiment for NIME, but I soon realised this could cause too much confusion as I’ll be dealing with twenty different motors and pickups, so I might move the motor to a different position in order to get a clean sound. The pickups will be connected to a mixer and to an analog reverb pedal.


I built a prototype to get an idea of the dimensions I’ll be working with. This will help me sketch out a file for the CNC, and also to visualize the placement of all my components.


Prototype |


Later, I’ll add a switch for the motor, and a pot for the pickup.

Wheel and horsehair |


I’m coming up with a solution for attaching the horsehair to the edge of the wheel that’ll be fixed on the motor.